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answer to my own question

I posted an interesting ‘personality’ quest yesterday… asking a q if ppl think this is considered as valid.

I guess i should answer my own question (given that velda answered hers in her blog, i thought i shld add something in mine!! just to blog something :p)

Online questionnaires are interesting and fun to do. Sometimes ppl take it seriously, sometimes they dont’. It is usually for a good laugh although i have encountered a few ppl who took the results literally.

My answer is as follows:

Am i a nurturer? and if so, must my job be a ‘child psychologist’ or whatever it was posted there. Bearing in mind that one of my first ambitions was to be a teacher actually…and..u ppl wont believe it..but i wanted to be an interior designer (u shld see those floor plans i had when i was 9 years old, my dad had a good laugh coz i drew my dream interior home which prob costs millons or something).

A few sentences to describe your personality. Can we ever be described using english words? An eskimo uses 200 over words to describe ‘snow’, are we less than snow? I did the NEO-PRI (some other personality test that was tested for both validity and reliability) and basically what they did was to construct my personality into a few sentences (based on the big 5 principles). Can a few sentences describe me? or how i change as circumstances change?

Does it reflect change in me?

Ruth mentioned once in her blog that she can be an introvert and extrovert (depending on where she is). It made me wonder will the scores of my NEO be different if i did it in different countries, surrounded by different ppl. Sure it has validity at that time u did it probably…. but often we use the results to predicit how ppl react in situations.

Can we be fitted in a box? Humans are more complex than that.

speaking of personality tests..some of my classmates who did the MMPI and NEO came out with interesting results..

One had a super HIGH lie scale..even though she swore that she did it as herself
the other girl said her MMPI scored revealed that she got schizophrenia tendancies….

mmm..interesting ppl we hv in the course :p


One thought on “answer to my own question”

  1. well at least the masters attempt to screen out the psychopaths!having said that “the fitting into box” comment sent shivers down my spine because that was what the psychopath used to say all the fucking time!


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