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Surprise, CL actually praised me. yes. after my 2 other supervison mates left his office, he said “daphne, u r doing very well. You are focused.” Two sentences. Little words but I guessed it raised my spirits even though it was CL who was saying it. *roll eyes* That despite I kept questioning him. I thought he finds me irritating.

With my child supervison, it is a big learning curve. CR is harsh..on everyone. From what i know so far, she is alright with my performance except with a few occasions. I guess i like her because she is so straight to the point, never hestitating to tell you if what u hv done is wrong.

No, it is not all rosy. My supervision time has just increase to 7 hrs a week. Supervision is confronting. Everyone watches your mistakes. Everyone listens to the mistakes you make. Supervisor does not mince words. Your self-esteem goes down.

It has been a harsh few weeks. Although it is getting worse (oh yeah…. the coming 2 weeks… ) but this week, there were several positive things that happened. 1) my client had a breakthrough 2) someone actually said i improved. even if a little, it drives you just abit more.


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