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maroon gown with blue sash

Graduated on Wednesday, 6th April 2005. 8 seconds of fame for 4 years of work.

Grandma, mum n dad was here for the ceremony… dad was excited, grandma was bored (obviously because she didnt understand what was going on..except that i got my cert within 10 mins at the start of the ceremony), mum almost fell asleep…

All in all, it was good. (hey, at least my mum DIDNt fall asleep.. it matters u know).

I looked with amusement in the afternoon, when my mum asked Peter “so has she been a good girl” and to helen (my hons supervisor) “hope she hasnt give you too much of a headache” :p

honestly, by the time the ceremony starts, i was so tired, i just want to get it over n done with. I wasnt even nervous when walking across the stage, it was just a stroll to me..

while my family took over my rm (n the hse), it was faNTAStic hving them around.. of course, except the times when grandma cant stop complaining abt the hse and the lack of chilli in chinese restuarants here… :p

Ok, so i hv some problems because all three of them wants different things. Mum wants to travel, grandma wants to see wildflowers (when it is NOT in season!?!?), dad just wants to stay at home with me (and i am not at home most of the time btw.. ).

On graduation day itself, they took so many pictures of me, using their respective cameras.. yes, my dad has one, my mum another and not to say i hv another as well… that i lost count. And when vel’s parents said “this is your happiest day” i was like “huh”? While it is lovely hving to graduate, i guess the thought of hving to complete assignments n prepare for my next client was at the back of my mind most of the time.. had to force myself to stop thinking of it..and seriously, that is hard.

Anyway, mum was on a buying spree. Chocolates, wine, nougats, gifts, lavender potions, dried fruits n nuts… imagine my grandma n dad’s horror.. Mhwahahaha. However, i was really glad that mum enjoyed herself.. At least she was happy. That is all that matters (n a huge bill).

Grandma bought a shopping trolley.

Dad bought a pair of spects.. (ok, the wine r for his friends).

oh ya, the flight that they were suppose to takeback to spore was overbooked. And GUESS WHAT? Grandma had to take the next flight, which means she stayed ONE extra night with me..and recieved $$$ for compensation. So you see, mum’s spending isnt that bad afterall, because we hv extra $$$. God works in His ways.. He provides.

And then..guess what? My parents’ flight was delayed..for like more than 2 hrs! Something abt changing tyre of the plane. I was just glad that it was discovered before they got on the plane. Yes, i was worried…and filled with catastrophic thoughts (shld hv just adminster the cog stuff on myself at that pt) but they landed safely.

Grandma got home safely the next day as well. In fact, she enjoyed her extra night here so much..that she was laughing and joking, giving riddles to us..and making all the guys guessing her riddles…

I missed them already.


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