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warm and fuzzy

NO. I dont want to lose the plot. Neither do i want to lose my point. My intention of being in the Mappsych program is still clear though. Understanding, empathatic yes. but not fuzzy..definitely NOT fuzzy. In defense, the last blog was a copy and paste stuff that i thought it is an interesting point of view. Being a scientist-practioner is still my priority. Well, if it makes u feel better, i do my research before seeing client ok.. No..i dont take CL’s words…..

In the midst of preparing to see my first ever client tomorrow. Anxiety case. Ironic. Since i will prob be wrecked with anxiety before seeing her.

I am looking forward in seeing my first case. Mixed feelings of nervousness and a little excited. Spoke to another client on the phone today.. the parent and the child. for some reason, i feel more at ease with the thought of interviewing the child compared to the adult case. Most of my classmates think otherwise.

Will keep u updated abt my blunders.


3 thoughts on “warm and fuzzy”

  1. a need to defend urself?:) u know how the chinese saying goes “ci di wu yin san bai liang”hahah..but the fuzziness is not to do with your masters n stuff. haha anyway, gd luck n tell me abt ur 1st client session today!*hugs*


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