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sweet thing?

it feels weird…. re-watching the video, looking at yourself and your client, hearing yourself speak and assessing the situation at the same time.

and it feels weird, since when i was in the session, i thought i sounded calm…and really.. i didnt realised it sounded so gentle that it is unlike me! or at least i think it is unlike of me…

and on top of that the first comment frm my ‘client’ (practice setting recorded on tape) was “You are a sweet thing” – ?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!! i thought i was being assuring and calm….

Perception of what another person think of you and what u think of yourself..when u present yourself can be so different.


My test partner is this bloke frm Germany. 40 years old. Owns a caterer business. Basically wants to do the least work as possible to get the most marks. Efficient guy though…i dont necessary agree with some of his work ethics.. Oh, yeah and org psych major. we are prob the only pair is a mix of 2 majors.

oh..and he tried to sell me this big idea of his..and wants me to help him to do assessment in the future. *roll eyes* to give him credit, his idea of hving a set time, place n activities to get couples together (no u didnt read wrong) is interesting and workable.. but not really my kind of thing. Who knows what i will do a few years later?


still listening to myself .. i sound weird. weird accent. weird weird weird.


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