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schema therapy

Unrelanting Standards
The underlying belief that one must strive to meet very high internatized standards of behavior and performance, usually to avoid critcism. Typically results in feelings of pressure or difficulty in slowing down and in hypercriticalness toward oneself and others. Must involve significant impairment in pleasure, relaxation, health, self esteem, sense of accomplishment or satisfying relationships.

Unrelanting standards typically present as (a) Perfectionism, inordinate attention to detail, or an undersestimate of how good one’s own performance is relative to the norm. (b) rigid rules and “shoulds” in many areas of life, including unrealistically high moral, ethical, cultural, or religious precepts; or (c) preoccupation with time and efficency, the need to accomplish more.

Young, J. E., Klosko, J. S., & Weishaar, M. E. (2003). Schema Therapy: A practioner’s guide. Guildford Press, New York.

(and no..i didnt want to italise the reference but the stupid icon wont switch off!)

Sometimes, you discover more about yourself than you want to. Anyway, most of my classmates scored high in unrelating standards. Not surprisingly i guessed. OK..fine..i scored 11 out of 16 in that section..which i suppose, it can be worse!

Did i mention that i will probably die because of cornary heart disease as well?

The “should” part is quite erm… mmm… exposing? Most of my friends will prob remember me going “I should really….”

Oh crap. Schema therapy- there r some basis to it i think..very freudian. I think it is sometimes too freudian for my liking. Cant practioners sometimes accept that it is the CURRENT EVENTS that is affecting their life and not always the childhood (disclaimer: I do agree with the childhood affecting us but surely NOT ALWAYS and definitely NOT for all PROBLEMS).

*roll eyes*

and i really shld get back to studying all 18 schemas.


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