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a little update

Now, most of you will prob know that i am not exactly impressed with Mr Chris lee-due to the major screw up in our exam papers last year and lack of hindsight in lectures. Anyway, i am stuck with him for clinical supervision this semester. I heard he make a better clinican than a lecturer, i can only pray that it is true.

And through some weird coincidence, Meien is also in the same grp with me for both the child and adult supervision grps. OH yeah, i’ve got Corrine Reid as my child supervisor..Not bad. I wouldnt mind Pia Broaderick though. Btw, Pia is on “today tonight” as a guest speaker on some family issues (regarding tv watching time..).

It appears that it might be cheaper for me to get books frm than to rely on the murdoch schbookstore. I was told that a particular book that i want will cost AUS$120 but is only AUS$66 (after conversion). V-u might want to check that out for your booklists.

Time for me to compile books useful for my practice in the future i guess. Expensive though. =(

Now, i implemented the WISC today (ok. IQ test). I reckon there r quite alot of cultural biases in there. Anyway, i bet i will score badly on the spatial part. The whole procedure is tiring..i can see why alot more practice is needed to get the process fluent. I stumbled so many times!

So far, my classmates r getting along well. There r afterall only 11 of us (1 dropped to part-time). On monday, 3 of us practiced empathic skills and we enjoyed the learning process so much that we r going to practice by ourselves on wednesday. I guess we hv to counsel ourselves first before heading out huh. Then again, it costs AUS$176 bucks to get a psychologist for an hr now, we better make use of each other at the moment.. :p

Heading to bed. Tired. Kelvin Kern’s Enchanted Garden will put me to sleep.

ps. a tip-not a good idea to call me on monday.


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