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the joys of technology.

I am finally connected to the rest of the world..through the internet. :p

oh yeah. and much faster than the one i hv in perth as well (since I hold the control in spore.. hahahaha).

Back for a week now, and not one day i am at home the whole day. Life is definitely different in Singapore when compared with Perth, where my piorities changed and suddenly, my organiser is filled with appointments. According to it, I will remain that busy for the next 2 weeks with the 3rd week relatively free (for now) and then another filled week.

No, i am not attempting to meet everyone in the short 7 weeks that i am in Singapore. However, I do like to spend as much time as possible with the close grp of friends that I have…and get in contact with a few friends that I have not been able to see or meet for ages (due to circumstances).

Ruth laughed and joked that she has to advance ‘book’ me just to go out with me…and perhaps even Velda mentioned that before as well. It is not because I do not want to go out spontenously and respond to whenever people ask me to… (and i do mean NO when i say NO.seriously). Ask benji, armand, ruth, peggy, hazlina and Jackson and people will probably know that i do respond to last minute appointments and enjoy it as well.

On the other end, if anyone knows me, will also know that as a planner, I like to meet up with my friends and give plenty of time for us to catch up and simply just to chill and relax. Given that i have so little time to spend with them, I like to maximise the time i spend with them and not rush off to another appointment, or make them feel rushed. Given my heavy schedule, it is the most i can do, that is to plan my time properly and to be genuinely prepared to meet people who I have not met for the past year.

And if i have to meet people for the first time, I remembered someone telling me that it is best to meet them alone and not with other friends. I agreed with that. While some might disagree and think it is dangerous, meeting in a crowded coffee place or restuarant will be probably the safest way to go around it. I like meeting people individually, as u get to know them more..and get more out of it. Meeting people for the first time will require advance arrangements as well i reckon.

No, i am not that inflexible when it comes to last min appointments. Just make sure i am not meeting u for the first time and if i say no, i do mean it. I have attended and even suggested last min outings many times.

Erm..u dont belive my schedule?

Monday- A friend arriving from overseas. Whole day out from 6:30am.

Tuesday- Lunch with stanley (to be confirmed). Meeting alan n co for dinner (to be confirmed as well). If not, i have a day free..which means i can spend more time at home with gran!!! or perhaps explore J8 with her..she hasnt explored it yet.

Wednesday- whole day reserved for Mum

Thursday- Morning gym with benji and ruth. if not meeting stan for lunch on tuesday, it will be this day. Late afternoon appointment with optician in the afternoon. Dinner at home

Friday- Sleep in for the morning.early celebration of gran’s birthday. Watchnight service. And i think i am suppose to help out with the Yammers (young adults..). Or at least attend it.

Saturday- Dim Sum breakie with dad. Day out with dad basically. collect spects. Wedding dinner at night.

Sunday-church. Lunch/afternoon date with zinnia, sam and ruth. Family dinner.Sending someone off as well.

Yes. very family, close buddies and church oriented schedule for this week. HEY. MUM took one week leave..and she ACTUALLY set aside a day to go out with me.. it is a wonderful change. No one will touch that wednesday. IT is a miracle..

I am sure things will come up last minute as well. It shld hopefully get more flexible after the next 2 weeks. Yeah. not forgetting, doing research in some of the nights (*sobsob* why oh why) and entering some data…..

It was great seeing everyone in church again. Rev Goh, Zinnia, Belicia, SK, Huiping, Stan…etc etc etc. A feeling that it is great to be home….

Not that i dont miss perth as well. :p In spore-miss perth. In perth-miss singapore.


2 thoughts on “internet”

  1. hee i know who is the appointment for monday! the person was being all secretive too! when i ask, he/she refused to say what time the flight was ect, how long he/she will be here blar blar blar…. daf, tell him/her, attempts to hide are WEAK! hahahah…. wow whole day from 630am… hmmmmmmmmm


  2. I was trying to hide what? :)For the record, I met up with Daphne and Alan in Singapore from morning till afternoon. I’m back in KL now.Thanks Daphne and Alan for your wonderful hospitality during my stopover. I really do appreciate your time and company in bringing me to all those places — Orchard Rd, Bishan neighbourhood, Takashimaya, NTUC, HMV, Kinokuniya, that French/Singaporean restaurant we went for dinner (can’t remember the name), and many more. Oh, and I asked my mom – the last time I visited Singapore was when I was 5 years old.


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