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Yesterday, Ruth and i was caught in the Christmas crowd in orchard. MY goodness..the people..the smell..the mess…the perspiration..and whatever u can think of when u r stuck in the middle of the crowd with hundreds of ppl pushing behind you. The good news is.. Orchard Road was filled with ppl giving explanations and showing the true meaning of Christmas, which of coz is a good change frm Perth or Sydney where CHristmas means trees, santa claus and lights.. (oh yeah. and presents as well.) Pure commercial gimmick.

Well, the bright side is..i got ruth with me. We ended up singing to ourselves and just (sliently) pushing our way through. because it is Christmas, no one thinks we are mad. Anyway, we seek refuge at Far East-which surprisingly isnt that crowded at all.

The night was spent at ruth’s place..meeting Peggy on our way back. How beautiful is it? To have that feeling of being with my 2 best friends/sisters again? I craved for their company, peg’s blurness-and really blur comments..with Ruth’s bubbly loud voice…the combi is to kill. :p

We sang..we drink..we praise the Lord..and most of all, we gave Thanks for His birth, HIs presence.. for WE ARE THE REASON (refer to ruth’s blog for lyrics.. :p)

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Well, this is what i was waiting celebrate the birth of Christ with my 2 best friends/sisters. Us catching up, sharing, and the feeling that we r still as close as ever..even though we have not seen each other for nearly a year. How good can that be? The love, the spirit, the joy.


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