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Using the internet at Ruth’s place. Trying to set up an internet account at my place soon….

anyway, i’m back in Singapore. For those who want to contact me..find some way. HA. 😛 nah. jus give me a ring at home or something.. for my mobile no…Jon-ask benji. or i will contact u.

Ivy, my mobile is the same as the one i always had..if not.ask your sister.. 🙂

Went out with vel yesterday for some chicken rice.. we were so stuffed…

Today is coffee and durian day.. i know.the both doesnt go well together. But it is coffee in the afternoon and durian at night.

I cant read the flobber box thingie!! ARGH..

Leave me a msg at the comment page..if the flobber box still isnt working ppl..

Breathing singapore air. Hot humid air.

OH yeah. met this hot italian guy on the plane. Mhwaha.


Good food from grandma again.. *smile*

Need to get back to gym… Overeating.

Still having mixed feelings being back. It is so nice to see the ppl that i yearn to see for the whole year in the airport as well. Yes. Ben, Eve, Ruth, Peg, gran and pa… (mum at home sleeping..then again, we had a good conversation last night. so that was cool).

TAke care ppl.


One thought on “Back”

  1. You must get online as fast as possible – Need daily updates on your blog!! (hourly is better)Reading about all those food there… durian.. COFFEE BEAN…chicken rice… mmmm


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