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interestingly, macquarie did not invite me to an interview. Wonder is it becoz of the screwed up frm that international office?

The interviewers frm Uni of Mel r nice… very nice… BUT they informed me that there are only EIGHT places up for grabs this year because of staff shortage. Apparently there is this new program called the Masters of Clinical Psychology (International) where the 2nd year will be held in spore with the 1st year still in uni of mel. It doesnt help of coz when the head of clinical program in mel dont know if the supervisors in spore r approved by the APS. Dogy, but i said the Masters of clini psych in uni of mel will be my 1st choice anyway compared to the (international) one.

Murdoch interview.. not sure. DL said mine went well. It all depend on the rest of the applicants.

That’s it folks. I’m done with interviews this year. 😦 All in God’s hands (and the hands of the ppl who r processing mine.. Lord pls convince them to take me!)

PS I booked my flight on the 20th of Dec. But subject to change. will update.


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