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Yes V.. u realised that i was emphasing on EC huh.. :p nah. it wasnt targeted at you… but suddenly notice alot more uses for EC… prob influenced by u through the thesis period..either that, or i read too many times of your introduction.. :p

After more than a year of bliss without my tonsils flaring up..they are swollen again. Felt it this morning. What a time.. it will take about a week to get it down..and i got an interview on wednesday! Ice, cold water, herbal tea…here i come. Is either that or go to the doctor for antibiotics… given my circumstance, i dont want to take antibiotics unless i cant take it anymore. If my tonsils doesnt respond, i hv to go for surgery..and no, i wouldnt like that at all. I need my voice back.. why do i always hv throat problems jus days pior to my interviews? It happened for Monash as well.

And because of that, i got to refrain frm kissing anyone (do i hv someone to kiss in the first place? :p ), coming to close contact with my hsemates-since they r all hving exams and i dont want to infect them. Standing about 1 M away frm them since yesterday..and shutting myself in my rm.

They better not fall sick… if not i will feel so bad. so pls guys TAKE YOUR Vitamin C and whatever drink i throw it to you.. :p (esp the ginseng tea ah..). I’m banned frm all their rooms..and can only go to the kitchen, living rm and my rm.

Going to do a little cooking later.. Thank God i dont hv the cough or the chances of bacteria transmission is lower. Cant talk much anyway. Shld i still go for the gathering later when i will be jus sitting there..and staying quiet.. shessh. but maybe i shld..jus to get out of the hse.. and lessen the chances of infecting the guys. But that means i might infect chris, jj, chee n josh instead… that means i jus hv to keep my mouth shut when i go then.. lessen chances of transmission again. Since all of them got good immunity system..and finished exams..except for chee who got to do her ISC… that might be a good idea. ok, this isnt good.. i’m rationalisng who shld i infect.. or likely to infect..

Oh Ya… CASEY won AI. good for her. I dont want anthony to win. Except for “The Prayer” the rest of the songs he sang r so… boy bandish.. Casey’s voice is better, it makes ppl feel..and most of all, she doesnt scream. Dont mind getting her album/songs if she sing songs like ‘misty blue’ or ‘here’s where i stand’.. :p


3 thoughts on “Tonsils”

  1. daphne – self imposed exile to her room and few other places, and self imposed restraining order from all her housemates :)With a bit of self-care, you’ll be fine.. stop thinking of the worst case scenarios (surgery).Now what/who was the EC targeted at if it wasn’t V? :)Mr R.


  2. surgery.. i was told to go for surgery actually. With God’s grace, the last batch of antibiotics worked. Those antibiotics were the strongest ones. So mr R..i’m not that paranoid!!!!!!!


  3. Armand, EC works better btw opposite gender btw!!!hee, yeah EC was something I never really picked up till I started doing the project and all of a sudden it was just in my face kinda of thing.well the surgery thingy is something worth considering IF AND ONLY IF it is affecting your sleep or something. my brother had to remove his because of sleep aphena. in any case, Daphne, u r not kissing anyone except me! *muacks* bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaving said that, your tonsils might be a psychological thing and stop catastrophizing! (i’m sure i spelled that wrongly but do i care?) hahahahn we r so going to try the house of blues yeah babe?


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